Greater things will be done

We want you to spend time with God discussing how He wants you to personally participate in making this vision a reality.

The following guide provides an example of how much each family might give to make the 2020 Vision a reality. We are taught to give as we have been blessed. Remember that your gift is over and above your present weekly contribution. As you consider the guide below, we encourage you to stretch yourself beyond what you think is comfortable and give at a higher level than seems possible. Allow God to work in your situation. Ask Him and He can make it clear and make it happen.

Breakdown of funding at projected giving levels
Gift given over three years Number of families giving this amount Total gift
2020 Vision fund $1,600,000
$100,000 3 $300,000
75,000 5 375,000
50,000 9 450,000
25,000 20 20,000
10,000 143 1,430,000
2,795 195 545,000
375 3,600,000
Less building debt -2,000,000

If we commit to $3.6 million over three years, the 2020 Vision will be funded and the building debt will be retired by the end of the campaign. The building debt is included at $2 million instead of the current balance of $2.5 million because the normal monthly payments we make will reduce the debt over the next three years by $500,000.

After praying about your sacrifice:

If every family at North Boulevard gave 7% of their annual income over three years (in addition to regular contribution), the 2020 Vision will be completely funded.

The following examples are intended to help you identify your level of sacrifice and inspire you to find ways to achieve your commitment goal.

The Smith Family

Bob and Mary Smith have been North Boulevard members for 5 years. Mary stays home raising their two young daughters. Bob earns $60,000 per year. After attending a 2020 Vision meeting in early February, they spent one week praying intently together and committed to give a total of $15,000 over the three year campaign.

How they sacrificed
Total gift $15,000
Cash from their savings account $3,000
Mary modeled contentment to her family by delaying the purchase of a new van one more year [$350 x 12 months] 4,200
Reduced their restaurant budget and enjoyed one more meal at home each week [$25 x 52 weeks x 3 years] 3,900
Delayed family trip and enjoyed a wonderful week at home 2,000
Bob sold a few antique rifles he purchased at an estate auction ten years ago 1,900
How they gave
Total gift $15,000
Two weeks after turning in their 2020 Vision commitment card, they placed a check in the collection plate using a 2020 Vision envelope found in the pew rack $3,000
After Bob sold his rifles, they placed another check in the collection plate using a 2020 Vision envelope 1,900
Once each month for the next three years, Bob and Mary placed a second check for $281 in the collection plate using a 2020 Vision envelope 10,100

The last five years at North Boulevard have helped Bob and Mary to realize the joy and peace that can come from open-hearted worship and full devotion to the teaching of Scripture. They have begun to pray about a possible opportunity for their family as leaders and encouragers in the first new church plant. Mary has also noticed Bob’s prayers sounding a little different. There’s something more in his voice.

The Jones Family

Fred and Sue Jones have been married for 53 years. They’ve both been active members of North Boulevard since they attended MTSU in the 1950s. They are both retired and are able to live comfortably due to their hard work and God’s blessing upon their lives.

Fred and Sue felt settled, comfortable and certain of what to expect in life. After hosting a 2020 Vision meeting in January, they prayed intently each morning asking God what He was calling them to do. As a result, they committed to give $60,000 over the three year campaign.

Through the 40 Days of Devotion, they felt a tugging on their hearts that settled and comfortable might not be what God had planned for them. In addition to their financial gift, Fred and Sue committed to becoming more effective disciples in God’s Kingdom.

How they sacrificed
Total gift $60,000
One year of dividends on 10,000 shares of stock in the company Fred retired from after 51 years $15,000
Sold 500 shares of stock valued at $50 per share 25,000
Sold a one acre lot on which they had planned to build a second home 20,000
How they gave
Total gift $60,000
One month after they mailed in their 2020 Vision commitment card, they placed a check in the collection plate using a 2020 Vision envelope found in the pew rack $25,000
One month after Vision Sunday - March 31st, Fred and Sue placed a check in the collection plate using a 2020 Vision envelope 20,000
Once each quarter for the next twelve months, Fred and Sue added a 2nd check for $3,750 to the collection plate using a 2020 Vision envelope 15,000

The Williams Family

Jack and Tina Williams have been at North Boulevard for several months. A coworker mentioned to Jack that North Boulevard has a podcast he might enjoy listening to, and he did. They decided to visit one Sunday and have been attending regularly since.

Out of curiosity, Jack and Tina decided to attend a 2020 Vision meeting. While Jack considered himself more of a spectator, Tina couldn’t stop thinking that there might be some way for them to be a part of making the vision a reality. She began to consider all the amazing things God has done just because someone decided to ask.

During the 40 Days of Devotion, Tina got up early each morning and spent time asking God to use her and Jack to do something amazing. She knew there was no way they could make a financial commitment to the 2020 Vision. Instead, she simply prayed that God would use them in some way to help make this bold vision a reality.

Because she asked, God did do some amazing things and neither the Williams, North Boulevard nor the world were ever the same again.