Frequently Asked Questions


What is the purpose of 2020 Vision?

We are asking God to use us to start a worldwide spiritual awakening. The vision is to spread faith in Jesus and trust in the Word of God. Every action in the vision points in this direction.

Does this vision have the full support of the elders and ministers?

Yes. We believe that God has called North Boulevard to something big, and the elders are committed to this challenging vision.

Is it possible for this vision to change?

Yes. Though we want to accomplish the things described in the vision, we are open to new things that the Spirit might present to us, and we are willing to change plans if we see weaknesses. We will be flexible where we need to be.

What happens to 2020 Vision if David Young leaves North Boulevard?

David and Julie love North Boulevard and its leadership. They have affirmed their intent to remain here as long as the Lord blesses the arrangement. David may be critical in the initial stages of the vision, but down the road, other leaders will be able to carry it out.

Why are we trying to do this now?

Every single day a quarter of a million people die. Every day we wait is another day that tens of thousands who do not know Jesus Christ die unprepared to meet their God.

Who will be "in charge" of the Vision?

Various people will lead various components. We have asked David Young to coordinate the various parts for the first several years, but he will do this in consultation with our membership and under the oversight of the elders.

Why doesn't the vision include _________________?

This vision is not a general wish list of things we want at North Boulevard. It is a very specific, targeted vision for being used by God to spark a great spiritual awakening, and each of the six points flows out of this desire. Other ministry ideas might be great, and we might do these, too. But the 2020 Vision is targeted towards a great spiritual awakening.

What happens to 2020 Vision after the campaign funds are spent?

We will reevaluate the implementation of the vision to decide what needs to be increased, what needs to be altered, and what might need to be eliminated. Then, we will gradually include in the budget the costs of continuing the vision. Having retired the debt should free up enough money to accomplish this.


Is it possible that the cost estimates are too high or low?

Yes, but we have done considerable work and believe that the amount we are proposing will allow us to accomplish the vision without a lot left over.

What do we do if $1.6 million is not enough?

We are asking the Holy Spirit to lead us and to provide us with the resources we need. If we do not have enough funds, we will either ask the congregation to join us in giving more, or we will consider cutting expenses.

Why is paying off the building debt included in this campaign?

We believe living debt-free is preferable to carrying debt. We believe it honors God for us to pay off debts. If we pay off our debt, it frees up resources that could be used for the vision beyond the first three years.


What will success look like for...

  1. Clarifying our church-wide discipling focus?

    We will have a ministry system that accomplishes our five purposes in the lives of those who come to North Boulevard by nurturing the development of mature followers of Jesus.

  2. Establishing a School of Christian Thought?

    Our own members and believers in our community will develop confidence and insight, enabling them to live out their faith openly and will be equipped to think like disciples in every facet of life.

  3. Broadcasting our worship services?

    We will see modest changes in other churches of Christ as their members watch us; we will provoke members of other churches to rethink their view of Scriptures; our own members will invite people to North Boulevard; and a general excitement about the work of North Boulevard will be evident.

  4. Planting new churches?

    New congregations will spring up routinely, each one filled with energy, commitment, passion, and the Spirit of Christ.

  5. Creating a diverse leadership?

    A multi-ethnic congregation emerges where people of all ethnicities and races are welcome, wanted and integral to the life of the church.

  6. Establishing a widows ministry?

    We will see the Spirit moving as a result of the prayers of our widows; we will see young mothers mentored by our widows; we will see our own widows honored by the congregation.

How does the 2020 Vision affect active ministries at North Boulevard?

We are not planning to change any ministries currently operating at North Boulevard. However, if we discover that there are better ways to accomplish some of the goals of our ministries we would all be glad to make such changes.

Why would we pay a consultant to evaluate our ministries?

We attract several hundred new members every year, but continually discover that many of them are never really connected to the body, and some drift away from us unchanged. We cannot allow this to happen in God's Kingdom. We want someone to take an objective look at what we're doing and help us make sure that every single person in our "orbit" is given the best chance at becoming a mature disciple of Jesus Christ.


Does the vision include any money for maintenance or upgrades?

Yes. We have several facility needs that we don't want to put into the operating budget. These include:

What are the details of revamping the sound/lighting in the auditorium?

For years we have struggled with a sound system that is not adequate for our needs (as many of you have noted to the leadership). The 2020 Vision includes money for a completely new system that is high quality and professionally designed to help you hear better and to facilitate broadcast of our services.


What are the specifics for production of the worship service broadcast?

These details have not been worked out, though we have begun talking to various networks and production experts. We will continue with more detailed research on this soon.

Will we broadcast a Sunday morning service, and if so, how will this change that service?

We are not clear yet about what service to broadcast. If we broadcast a Sunday morning service, it would require the presence of broadcasting equipment, a stricter sense of timing in the service, shorter sermons, and an atmosphere designed to reach out. This may not be a loss — rather, we believe that, if it reaches people for Jesus, it will be a win for the Kingdom. The bias would be towards broadcasting the second service, and leaving the first service as is.

At the same time, however, it may be that we will, after considerable prayer and searching, create a new service to broadcast. There are several good options for this. For example, we could convert either the Wednesday night or Sunday auditorium classes into a shortened broadcast service, inviting many people to come to these. Or, we could broadcast our singing from a Sunday morning service, and record a sermon at another time, combining the two into a seamless television program. We are still asking for God's guidance in this matter.

Satellite Campus

Have we decided where to plant the first satellite campus?

No, but we have been talking with several demographic experts. They point to Highway 99 as an area of explosive growth in Rutherford County, which has access to very few churches of Christ. No commitment has been made, but we are praying that God will guide us.

Additionally, we believe that we need to increase greatly our outreach to the students at MTSU. No decision has been made, but we are praying that God will show us if we should begin a campus church built around the sensitivities and styles of students.

No decisions have been made, but we are looking at these two areas.

Are we committing to building new facilities for the satellite campuses?

We will take each opportunity as it comes, seeking to accommodate the need in the best and least expensive way possible. We envision meeting in rented facilities when satellites begin, then allowing the contributions from those locations to determine what kind of facilities they can afford. We do not envision paying for any further facilities from contributions on the main (Rutherford Boulevard) campus, although the Spirit may open an opportunity for this.

Who is going to the West campus?

Anyone who wants can join the new church plant, although most of our present members may choose to stay. We plan to hire a minister a year before the West campus begins, tell him to go find people on the other side of the county, recruit them, and build the congregation around them. If some of our own members want to go with him, that's up to them. Our goal is not to move our campus near our current members; our real goal is to convert lost people on that side of the county.

What will the members of the West Campus do about youth and children's ministries?

Though the satellite campus will be under the leadership of the main campus, they will be responsible for answering most questions for themselves, such as space, ministry concerns, youth, children, Sunday school, etc. By encouraging them to answer these questions, we raise an entirely new set of leaders and encourage creativity and a can-do spirit. We will provide initial funds and guidance, but they will build the congregation.


Have we already selected the future staff members mentioned in this vision?

We have been in discussion with a minister who has planted a dozen churches, but no commitments have been made. Other than this, we are praying that God will show us who He wants for every opportunity in the vision.