The Budget

Total estimated cost $1,600,000
Campaign costs (staff, printing, events) $50,000
Staff to assist in leading School, TV & Satellite campuses ($45k x 3) 135,000
Clarifying our discipling process
One-time costs
Training for and implementation of streamlining discipling process 40,000
Publications and teaching materials 25,000
One-time costs
Video equipment 50,000
Sound system upgrade 150,000
Auditorium upgrades for broadcasting * 30,000
Annual expenses for 3 years
Part time producer ($20k x 3) 60,000
Air time and advertising ($110k x 3) 330,000
School of Christian Thought
Annual expenses for 2 years
Teachers' fees 80,000
Supplies, literature, web archiving ($20k x 2) 40,000
One-time office & equipment purchases ** 35,000
Satellite churches (total cost before becoming self-supporting)
Satellite church one and two 500,000
Miscellaneous unexpected costs 75,000
* Includes a new center projector, new carpet in certain locations, construction work on sound booth, new coats of paint in various locations, and other miscellaneous projects.
** Includes equipment for the school as well as some office upgrades necessary for handling increased volume of work and personnel.